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On Saturday, July 29th, we are organizing a brewery tour at the Peak Brewery. Follow the production from the milling of the malt to the filling of the bottles and then have a complementary drink. Afterwards we can stay for lunch, drinks, and a hike around the area! 


Meet at the Brewery
Brewery Tour

Free Complimentary Drink

Short Hike
Return to Brewery
Enjoy the Evening!
Join us for Tour of the Brewery, Lunch, Hike and Free Drink!

The brewery tour will start at 11am, followed by a complimentary free drink.

We will have lunch on site (at your own expense) at the brewery where you can choose from a menu sourced from local ingredients and accompanied by Peak's great range of beers.

After a nice lunch, we will take a walk in the region to help the food settle and burn some newly-acquired calories. The brewery is surrounded by amazing forests, valleys - ideal for hiking or biking.

Coming back from the hike, you can decide on the next activity to do. We recommend sight-seeing at the nearby locations - visit Monschau in Germany (~20 minutes by car) for a fairytale-romantic experience or visit the relaxing thermal waters of Spa (~30 minutes by car). 

The brewery tour, hike and one drink are free. Lunch and any other extracurricular activities are paid   

Date & Time
Saturday July 29, 2023
11:00 AM 3:00 PM (Europe/Brussels)

Peak Brewery

Rte de Botrange 123
4950 Waimes
--Peak Brewery--
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