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About D.O.M and the Beers

Jef Pirens has been officially brewing his beers since 2011, constantly impressing beer lovers with his innovative recipes and diverse range of beers. 

If you have not tried any of his beers yet, we recommend starting with a mixed box which will give you a taste of the diversity of Jef's beers - there is something for every beer lover here!

If you would like, you can visit his brewery and bar at Izegem where you can taste even more of his beers and enjoy Liesbet's (Jef's girlfriend) amazing recipes!

Below, you will find a short description of the beers and their styles, but if you want to learn more about the brewery, history, beers, and more - check out the section in our Course:

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Original Series

The Classics from D.O.M.

Farang - 8% - Thai Style Tripel

Hop the Brewer - 6.5% - IPA

Stoffoasje - 8.5% - Tripel

Qantelaar - 8% - Reinheitsgebot Brown Beer

Mox Series

Named after Magic the Gathering cards -  rare artifacts which produce one of the five colors of mana.

Mox Ruby - 6% -  Amber Ale

Mox Pearl - 4.6% - Blanche

Mox Jet - 5% - Dark Ale

Mox Emerald - 6% - Belgian Blonde

The Great Trilogy

​Refers/translates as "to the most powerful god". This triptych was designed and brewed as an explanation of black beer styles.

DEO - 4.8% -  Porter

Optimo - 8% - Stout

Maximo - 11.5% - Imperial Stout

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